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Insulating varnish for porous substrates or sensitive surfaces

Binder for questionable surfaces, prior to the implementation of STYRECRYL and FLEXACRYL renovation

Permanent two-pack polyurethane protection varnish. ONE-COAT. HIGH-PERFORMANCE

Cleaner for substrates protected by COMUS anti-graffiti varnish

Flexible elastoplastic acrylic coating for sealing façades

Water-based and micro-porous class D2 façade paint for a deep matt finish

Water-based façade renovation paint for adverse weather conditions

Water-based heat regulating paint for the waterproofing, protection and renovation of roofs with a pitch of more than >5% (=3°)

Waterproof decorative paint

Cleaner for untreated or painted surfaces

Photoluminescent paint and varnish made from acrlic resin and luminescent pigment