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Metallic paint for pipes. Withstands temperatures up to 300°C

Paint-lacquer finish for metal and other substrates (wood, plaster etc.)

Water-based anti-rust lacquer for metal and other substrates (wood, plaster etc.)

Phosphate anti-rust primer for ferrous substrates

Solvent-based anti-rust paint for the protection and decoration of ferrous metals subjected to high temperatures

Water-based anti-corrosion primer for ferrous substrates

Universal primer for ferrous metals, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, wood, PVC etc...

Water-based glycerophthalic polyperformance (multi-efficient) universal primer

Rust inhibiting varnish prior to painting

Water-based bonding primer for non-ferrous metals and rigid PVC

Water-based 2-coat paint finish for water radiators

Super rust remover for metal substrates