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2-in-1 micro-porous paint for the protection and decoration of wood products (door and window frames, doors, cladding, shutters, etc.)

Liquid finishing wax for the protection and the maintenance of parquet floors briller

Single-component water-based polyurethane acrylic varnish

 Water-based cleaner for waxed surfaces and degreaser for the preparation of oily and tropical woods before finishing

Water-based single component polyurethane acrylic sealer

TEAK OIL - Impregnation product for exotic wood

Water-borne, acrylic resin-based anti-UV woodstain

Single-pack acrylic polyurethane sealant, odourless, quick drying

Single-pack varnish for the insulation of tropical or previously waxed wood

Flexible and light polyester two-pack compound to repair wood and timber product