Since 2009, COMUS has been involved in a voluntary initiative to reduce its carbon footprint with a programme of actions and monitoring of its carbon footprint, called Polaire.

COMUS is committed to providing ever more environmentally friendly solutions.

The company’s environmental policy is part of its approach to contributing to sustainable development, as defined by the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard: 2010.

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint, through our POLAIRE approach.

We must therefore innovate to provide a better response to user expectations and to develop skills and change practices:

  • company teams
  • partners, suppliers, local and other stakeholders.


  • DESIGN : healthier formulations for humans and the environment
  • PROMOTE : eco-communication, dematerialization, good use of products and reduction of waste
  • MANUFACTURING : energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, green purchasing and sustainable transportation