• 1941

In July 1941, Mr. Louis PERROT created LE COMPTOIR D’USINES, rue Jules Vallès in the 11th arrondissement of Paris and bought the goodwill of a workshop manufacturing building products. Some years later the words COMPTOIR and USINES were conflated to create the company’s new name COMUS®.

• 1946

Development of the PATE IDEALE (PERFECT PASTE), a “plastic” smoothing coating designed for the preparation of surfaces before finishing.

• 1950

Louis PERROT diversified by moving into specialist products: he created ANCORIT, a high performance primer for metals. Its chromating and phosphating functions stop corrosion, consolidate metals and facilitate painting.

• 1955

In 1955 a paint factory was built at Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94) 6 avenue Raspail.

• 1971

COMUS consolidated its range of primers by launching ANCORPRIM, a universal primer for ALL DIFFICULT SURFACES.  

• 1980

Launch of ANCORFER, a lacquer paint for decoration and corrosion protection.

• 1989

Comus, a specialist in high-performance products, launched its A650P and A651P intumescent paints and varnishes – formulated to guarantee the safety of buildings and people.

• 1991

COMUS added to its range of multifunctional products with 2 finishes for floors: Hydrocom for parquet and Comus Sol for concrete.

• 1993

COMUS was purchased by the GOULAMALY group, a paint manufacturer based in Réunion.

• 2004

the first permanent, single component anti-graffiti paint was launched. Your walls will stay clean

• 2007

Takeover of the PLASTICOQUE brand. COMUS positioned itself in the market for high performance paints for pleasure-boating and yachting.

• 2011

Launch of MIGRASTOP, a full range of remineralising water repellents for mineral surfaces.

• 2015

COMUS released its innovative antibacterial paint EFFIBACT, with embedded technology, for local authorities and hospitals, where hygiene and the fight against nosocomial diseases are an everyday requirement.

• 2017

Launch of a complete range of paints for BUILDINGS: PRO-100, RENOV-300 and TECH-600, covering most of the needs of the painting trade. COMUS combines simplicity with efficiency !

• 2018

COMUS was very proud to announce the acquisition, in early 2018, of the paint brands CAMI, GMC, KIRIOL. Through this purchase, Nassir Goulamaly, the current president, will seek to make every effort to preserve the trades, the people and the know-how that characterize the French paint industry.

• 2018

New anti-fouling range: COMUS launches its new anti-fouling paints formula! 5 anti-fouling paints adapted to water type, boat type and the material of the hull.