COMUS offers its customers a range of high-performance paints, varnishes and treatments, as well as innovative distribution methods that meet the expectations of our customers.

As such, COMUS acts within a quality management system based on three key aspects:

  1. Innovation for our customers 
  • Designing high performance products that meet the needs of professionals.
  • Developing solutions that promote the well-being, health and safety of people, enhancements in asset value and the comfort of those who apply our products.
  • Complying with current regulations while being proactive in relation to the host of new laws being enacted.
  1. Industrialisation to promote competitiveness and protect the environment
  • Constantly improving our industrial processes in France and investing regularly to make high performing and innovative resources available.
  • Maintaining a high level of skills’ capacity based on a training policy suitable for our performance standards.
  • Optimising the effectiveness and energy performance of facilities and behaviours.
  1. Internationalisation to conquer new markets
  • Forming lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • Developing international markets and promoting the image of French know-how